5 Ways to Prolong The Life of your Carpet

Buying a carpet is a wise decision when it comes to making the hard surfaces more bearable. Nowadays, they can be custom-made in different colours, shapes, and sizes. In any case, they require timely care. Investing in a carpet may be one-time but its maintenance is an important factor to keep the carpet from losing its texture and attraction. 

Here’s a Few Tips to Help You Ensure Your Carpet Lives for a Longer Time:

  • Don’t Forget to Vacuum: –

    Vacuum is something we must perform every day as a daily chore not only to keep the house dust free but keep our carpet free from getting swamped by dirt, hair strands, and allergens. Try not to over do on the vacuuming. If not done properly, it might lose its appearance sooner than you thought. Even if you get to do it once a week, do it right and fix a time and day for cleaning.
  • Keep Dirt Distant: –

    The most important thing in this scenario is to keep the dirt outside your house as much as possible. While no shoe policy maintains that to some extent, placing a doormat that holds on to the dirt like it’s own and doesn’t let it enter the house. A good quality, weather resistant mat is our house’s first line of defence against bacteria and other indescribable pollutants that come inside our house with shoes. You must clean your feet or shoes rubbing against the thick fibers of the mat in order to get rid of the gunk underneath the shoes.
  • Immediate Attention to Stains: –

    You might have a great doormat outside your door as well as inside your door to keep away the usual gunk but there are a few things that are out of our control – well, in a way they are in our control to some extent and the only solution to them is immediate attention. Whether it is pet stain or coffee stain, your immediate attention will draw out much of the stain from the carpet unless it’s cut through the fibers and reaches the bottom in which case you must call a professional expert of carpet cleaning in Hawthorn.
  • Run a Test Before Trying Stain Removers: –

    Whether you buy it on the internet or over the counter in a mall, try doing a test run on the stain remover to ensure it is safe to use on your carpet. Usually, malls and stores do have sample carpets you can try the stain removers on. However, if that option is not available, you can use the stain removal product at one of the corners of the carpet to see if you can continue using it on the rest of the area.
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning

    Insist on Professional Carpet Cleaning: –

    While vacuum cleaning is recommended at least twice a week to keep the carpet bacteria free, it is not enough. Find out more about the best local carpet cleaning services online or through friends and let them know about the type of carpet you have. Ask them questions about their service and how they will fix your carpet from stains, dust mites, and allergens.

Asking questions is a key and will help you learn all about the services the carpet cleaning people have to offer and how good they are at what they do and make an appointment with our professionals.